• Kate McAllister

The Big Yellow Bus!

This was the moment when the Big Yellow Bus first arrived!!

And you can tell from the totally sensible faces that it was a really exciting moment for Darren and Kate! Read on....

It's been one heck of a ride & the best is yet to come. Please stay with us on the next stage of this epic journey. Ever wondered what it would be like to help someone learn about your favourite subject? Hop aboard the School Bus & you'll find out!

To all those who have supported, you are founding members of the most beautiful collection of human beings I have ever known. I can't thank you enough. If you'd still like to join us, and I'd highly advise it as it's quite something, sign up to volunteer here!

We need ideas, skills, innovations & lots of smiles. It's the hearts and minds of people like you that are powering this bus all the way to Calais. Hop aboard!

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