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Lean on Me 2020
Various SBP family members recorded a series of personal versions of this great song
by Bill Withers...  
For us, it sums up what it's all about
They are all unique & very special.
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In 2020, the School Bus Project 
marks 5 years of being on the road,
working to support refugee education provision.

Is it a celebration?

Yes and No.

We don't think it can be right to celebrate fully
when there are still millions of displaced humans
who are being denied their basic human rights. 

We do think that this is a moment to reflect, 
to send our love &  appreciation
to all those who have given time, materials, advice, energy
and much more to the purpose we share. Thank you all.

This page shows how we used the idea of a month of events... #SBPtember 2020.

The SBP diary was full of fun, family and friendships rekindled.
There is also sadness remembering refugees who have died trying to reach safety, including some of our students.

Our friend & 2018 volunteer, Chris Kane,
student &  supporter of human rights also passed away this year; we celebrate his kindness.

Most of all, we send love to everyone seeking refuge in 2020.

Hannah Kingshott - Lean On MeHannah Kingshott
00:00 / 03:02
Here's The TikTok Team take...
Lean on Me - 06_09_2020, 18.01The Big Bus Box Set
00:00 / 02:46
Lean on Me (Home.Work)Our friend Thomas
00:00 / 01:22
Lean on Me (Mayor) - 27:09:2020, 14.21.mMayor's Mix
00:00 / 03:04
Birthday cake 2.jpg
Birthday cake.jpg

Our lovely friends Pete Smudge Smith, Jane Monson, Anthony White and others have compiled poetry readings for our SBP5 celebrations.

Click Wednesday Words- listen & enjoy!

You can drop into our Dropbox Library, where we will be adding more as time goes on.
You can donate to SBP5 by clicking here.
Now you can also buy artwork in aid of SBP, by clicking on the link to the right.

We are hoping to add some of Pete's amazing pictures: this one here is called:
'From the Harbour' -
the title of a poetry collection which he very kindly wrote and donated to SBP in 2018.

This Harbour.png
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