Change of Direction
for The School Bus Project >>>>>>>

As 2021 moves on, we are all experiencing the challenges of CoVid19, which has limited our options for activism, fundraising and more.

In March 2021, our Trustees and team agreed that it is time to refocus our work less on direct delivery and more on three strategic priorities for Refugee Education Support

  1. Awareness raising, through our SchoolFriends and UNIfied work

  2. Solution proposals: our vision for Centres of Refugee Education

  3. Partnership work to share funding and resources wherever possible

We hope to take many of our wonderful supporters with us on this new journey - click on the links above to read more and find out how you can help us to help refugee communities close to home and further afield...

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The School Bus Project was set up in 2015 by educators &  community activists. We provide expertise &  capacity for refugee education programmes,

serving as an umbrella for a number of learning programmes & partnerships.

SBP is a UK charity with a small project team: click here to meet some of them!.


...everyone has a right to an education.
If you can't go to school, then maybe school can come to you.
The School Bus Project supports children and young people in continuing their education. We also work with adult learners.



Volunteering opportunities

are currently on hold for programmes in Northern France and Greece.

We are looking for superstars

to help us develop

SBP local hubs around the UK

to build capacity for the next 5 years: just click here to email us for a chat!

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  • We design & support mobile learning provision for refugee projects.

  • We provide expertise, training, resources + moral and financial support.

  • We highlight the agenda for migrants, refugees & displaced people.

  • We work with some amazing individuals and partners, including those here.

  • We do our best to reflect Article 26 of the UN  Declaration of Human Rights.​

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250+ volunteer educators have worked with The School Bus Project

15 mobile schools set up to meet refugee needs

UK support network of schools & Universities

2020 onwards

Supporting refugee 

learning & rights

in the UK

& in Europe


Early Years 

& adult skills 


in Greece

£100k+ raised since 2015

to support refugee learning


Early years,

childrens services & adult education in France


Centres of Refugee Education
website launched

as test of concept for future provision 


In an average year, we raise around £30,000 and we do a lot with it.

We are a standalone charity, with no central administration costs:

This is thanks to practical and financial support from CSNET

and to the free time given to project management by our Trustees.

In the last five years, The School Bus Project has supported:

  • 15+ mobile schools for refugees in indoor and outdoor settings

  • Up to 500 learning contacts every week when working in the field

  • Up to 150 learners a day in our programmes 2016-2020

  • Over 250 volunteer educators involved in SBP programmes 2015-2021

  • Research, media coverage and policy development 

  • Partners planning and delivering education projects in Europe and beyond.


Education helps develop and define our identities.

While we need food, water, security and shelter to exist.... we also need to feel that we are a living part of the world that we inhabit - with identity and personal development as important human rights in the form of our right to education.

We have supported education provision working with and for refugees  since 2015 with mobile teams and programmes in the UK, France and in Greece.

We no longer have teams in the field for operational reasons - CoVid, Brexit and other factors.

However, going forward, we are developing new working partnerships, new ideas - 

so we can have greater impact

and use resources to best effect.

You can be part of that change.

Our programmes and projects:

  • Support well being, recovery & social integration

  • Promote personal development

  • Create a little normality, 
    in a really tough situation

  • Help keep children & young people healthy & safe

  • Offer hope for the future

#Calais2017 Declaration

The following statement was written by one of our refugee students

working with us on the Big Yellow Bus in November 2017. 

We will never forget this.

"I go to school, because I want to be a politician.

My dream is to be a politician because I want to give peace for my country.


That is why I'm choosing a political career.

People will vote for me because I’m honest and I will give a better life for them.


If I was a leader,  one law I will make is:

Everyone has a right to have school, to go to Education – whether poor or rich.


Education is the most important thing for life.

Without education life is not good.

Education is a key of life.

For example, if someone asked you to read this letter and you can't, you feel ashamed.


If I know how to read – first I help myself, second I help those who need it."

#Article 26

of the United Nations

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Everyone has the right to education.

Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages.
Elementary education shall be compulsory.

Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.

Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.

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