SBP PARTNERS - some of the amazing groups we have enjoyed working with

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Action for Education

Action for Education have been one of the leading organisations for the last three years providing support and services for children, young people and families in the Greek Islands.

We are proud to be working with them to sustain programmes on Samos and Chios which are making a real difference at a crucial time

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In Calais, since 2008, Auberge Migrants has been providing a working base for many refugee support projects and an umbrella organisation for liaison with the local community and local authorities. 

We are extremely grateful for their solidarity, friendship and rock-solid commitment to social justice for all, particularly those among the refugee communities in and around Northern France who experience daily ill-treatment and whose human rights are so obviously disregarded.

Providing essential safeguarding and other support for young refugees

RYS is a small, hardworking team who provide an amazing range of activities to break the monotony and to continue the development of vital social skills for the dozens of young people among the refugee community in Calais and elsewhere in Europe.

SBP and RYS have a signed partnership agreement which allows us to share resources, jointly promote activities and arrange programmes together which will benefit particularly those unaccompanied children and young people in and around Calais and Dunkirk, Northern France.

Going forward, we both hope to see further opportunities to promote work which uses our respective skills and expertise to make a real difference to these young people facing extreme challenges every day of their lives.

Choose Love: working for refugee rights

Unrelenting and patient campaigners for the rights of refugees, also organising with others the most practical of basic needs to be delivered for refugees in Calais, Northern Greece and in many other locations.

Women's Refugee Centre

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We are working to support the WRC team by providing resources for learning activities and their broader work to ensure entitlement to advice and support while refugee women and often their families with them are under increasing duress.

In 2018 we are working with WRC to offer children's centre and early learning provision


The Cooperative Schools Network

CSNET is a national group of around 600 co-operative schools.

Their London/SE region first agreed to support The School Bus Project in late 2015. Already this partnership has provided us with a minibus for use in Europe and the UK and over £3000 in donations.

Our UK hubs office at Folkestone is provided free of charge with the support of the LASER team.

Co-operation is all about putting principles into practice - and we hope that we do so by working together for refugees!

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