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Refugee Children’s Centres was founded as a non-profit organisation in 2016 in response to the need for provision of a Child Friendly Space (CFS) in La Liniere Refugee Camp, France.

Application details can be found by clicking here

A Children’s Centre was established by a small team of independent volunteers with the aim of protecting the children’s Right to Play, as set out in Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Through providing a safe, stimulating and nurturing space to play, the centre delivered a broad program of age-appropriate, play-based activities to children aged 0-17 years old. It was the sole provider of early childhood care and education and the main provider of psychosocial support, non-formal education and recreation for over 800 children living in the camp over the course of 15 months.

Following the closure of La Liniere in 2017, Refugee Children’s Centres has focused on engaging in supportive and capacity building projects with partner organisations in Greece. Our projects have included buying resources to kit out a new CFS in Chios; placing a qualified teacher with a partner organisation to develop and strengthen their children’s program; providing online mentoring sessions; and delivering training on Trauma Informed Care (TIC), managing CFSs and Early Years and Primary Pedagogy.

We are now seeking an Early Years Project Coordinator to help us deliver our next project,

Partnerships and Training: Capacity Building in Greek Refugee Camps and Children’s Centres.

The closing date for applications is July 15th - this post may be filled sooner

Our visionis to live in a world where every child has the best possible start in life, so they can flourish into unique, healthy, happy individuals with the ability to realise their full potential.

Our missionis to improve outcomes of refugee children by promoting healthy childhood development, psychosocial well-being and educational achievement through protecting children’s right to play and delivering play-based interventions.

Refugee Children’s Centres is asmall, grassroots organisation registered under the auspices of the School Bus Project (Charity No. 1166972).

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