Our work is not done.

The Calais ‘Jungle’ is being demolished, its inhabitants moved on.

But they don’t cease to exist. They still need education. They still need love, support, care, encouragement and solidarity.

Destroying the ‘Jungle’ doesn’t make refugees go away, it just relocates them.

And so that’s what we are doing too- we’re relocating.

On Monday our bus will come back to Brighton for a debrief and some maintenance. Then we’ll decide where we go to next. There are refugees in many different locations around Northern France, the UK and in other nations, all needing educational support. We are developing relationships in those other locations, and we will go to them and continue the work that we started in Calais.

We are still training teachers, we are still running our bus.

We will continue to educate, to engage, to learn and to grow alongside our students.

And we couldn’t do any of it without all of your incredible support which we are very grateful for, as always.

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