The bus is on the move!

Yesterday our big yellow bus started the next leg of its journey to Calais by moving to a yard in Chailey to be fitted with solar panels and salt water batteries by our sustainability wizard James Dean of

We were all a bit worried that we'd never get her started, after sitting quietly in the rain since December. But our bus is a very sound machine and she started up first time! Phew!! We couldn't have done this without the stupendous driving skills of Zachary Narvaez, who at one point had to back a double decker bus round corners into its new home, and the mechanical support of Glenn Morley and Verena Morley-Prantl.

Also a big shout out to Laura Fry, our bus conversion project manager, who will be turning the bus into two learning spaces once the solar panels are fitted and Gilly Smith and Jed who let us park up on their land while we raised money and took out all the seats. Our next target is to raise £3000 for the solar panels themselves.

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