Human beauty is everywhere

A young lady approached me as I was getting out of my van. We didn't have a shared language so we used our highly developed charades skills to communicate instead. I knew they'd come in handy one day! She needed blankets for her tent to keep the draughts out but I didn't have any.

Slowly ambling in our direction was a young man, maybe 20 years of age. He seemed amused by our animated game of "bloody hell but it's cold in the Jungle! Why don't you have anything useful in that van?"charades. He stopped and waited for the conclusion of the game. He tried to communicate with the cold girl using words. They didn't share a language either. So he joined in with our game and raised the stakes by asking with gestures if the coat he was wearing was for a man or a woman in a wonderfully camp yet bashful manner.

We all, very politely I thought, came to the conclusion that it would suit her better. So he sloughed off his coat and gave it to the cold girl. They thanked each other with smiles and went off in opposite directions along the Chemin des Dunes. Human beauty is everywhere. You just have to be in the right place to see it.

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