A wonderful young man

I met a young Afghani lad of 16 today who spent two hours translating for an Iranian couple with a 3 month old baby. He doesn't speak their language, but he tried really hard to understand them and to make himself understood. Then he translated into English for Belgian journalists. They are not his family. He isn't sure where his family are. They needed his help to translate so he gave it.

He stood in the cold for an hour translating for a journalist who wanted to interview the couple. He waited to one side and let everyone pass before him so that no one ever had to step into the mud. He listened attentively and translated everything carefully. He showed us to where we needed to go and then walked us to the exit when it was time for us to leave. What a wonderful young man he is. Please send a positive wish for this young man. Write it here and I'll pass it on. Send a prayer if you pray, or close you eyes and smile simply because he exists in the world at the same time as you.

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