Brilliant fundraising evening

Huge thanks to all of you who attended our School Bus Project Fundraising and Fact Finding event last week!

We were thrilled at the amount of interest and support offered which has made us very excited and optimistic about the long term success of the bus. You helped us raise £840 on that night alone! Amazing! Our Indiegogo campaign officially closed on the night of the event, and we are now going through the process of opening bank accounts, claiming the money and confirming our charitable status. There is a bus waiting for us and we’ll be able to take possession as soon as the funds are transferred. Watch this space for photos when it arrives in Brighton. In the meantime we’re taking on board the many excellent comments and suggestions you made and revising our foundation curriculum. More on this soon. If you gave us your contact details for specific contributions we will be in touch soon.

Events in Europe and around the world are moving fast, what with the attacks in Paris, bombings in Syria and European renegotiation of the Schengen Agreement which allows open borders across the continent. Clearly these have far reaching implications for refugees. With your help we are confident the bus will be a positive force and give people in Calais and beyond, hope of a better future.

Thanks again! Darren, Kate, Ali, Steph and the team

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