• Louise Hamill

Jungle Radio comes to the School Bus

Well we've had a jam packed couple of weeks on board the bus! Lots of updates coming your way (don't worry I'll spread them out!)

For the past few weeks we've had a regular group of 16 year olds coming to the bus who enjoy using the space to play music. These kids have music in their souls and the bus feels brighter when you can hear the rhythms they create floating down the bus stairs.

So they were the perfect group to choose to do a radio workshop with the lovely team from Jungala Radio!

They did a series of workshops and learnt how to use recording equipment. They then recorded sounds from around the camp and their own music. The boys loved it and came up with their own DJ names to be used on the show.

Thanks so much to Cathy, Abi and Olivia! You brought a bubble of calm and focus to an uncertain time. Can't wait to hear the finished product!

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