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Jade Lee

Partnerships Lead

Jade hails from Bristol and supports our work with other NGOs and leads the SchoolFriends and UNIfied programmes for us.

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Jon O'Connor

Trustee and Project Lead

Jon has over 40 years experience of education service. He is based at our HQ in Folkestone and helped set up the charity in 2016, serving with teams in Northern France and Northern Greece at different times.


Jess Cole

Comms support

Jess joined the team while working on a joint project with RAAH,
a radical and exciting group committed to change and social justice. The RAAHFest in 2020 was simply extraordinary to be a part of.

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Csilla Urban

Baker and SBP support

Csilla is a talented baker, working from home to create amazing and delicious food, including vegan and a wide range of flavours.
From her sales, she kindly donates some of the proceeds to our cause.

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Chris Beddoe

SBP Trustee and campaigner

Chris has spent many years working for children's right and provides expert advice to SBP on issues such as safeguarding and civil liberties


Simon Murphy

SBP Trustee & educationist

Simon has many years of education leadership experience and is an amazing organiser & inspiration to us all.

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